He’s married to the road. She’ll make him rethink his vows.

Clyde Honeycutt has been faithful to his asphalt bride for nigh on ten years. She’s quiet. Curvy. And she’s never betrayed him.

Unlike flesh-and-blood women.

But when a gunslinging, redheaded outlaw careens into his life, he’s forced to haul her and his load of illegal moonshine into the night. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and he soon finds himself thinking things he has no right to.

Doing things he has no right to.

He’s only a man, after all, and the highway is a cold, lonely mistress.

It doesn’t mean his green-eyed fugitive will stay. It doesn’t mean he’ll want her to.

And it damn well doesn’t mean he’ll be dragged so deep in love that he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

To keep her.

No matter how good it hurts.